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New York City Seances


Come and join me in some New York City Seance. The date has now been set.

I know, that I'll be a Seance Conductor for the group Seance In The City. This group has been featured in the Wall Street Journal and other magazines for it's great atmoshpere and no holds bar messages.The Seance is going to be held every other Wednesday at 7pm. Ask for Jesse at the door and come find out why everyone is so excitied.

Seance Starts promplty at 7pm doors close at 7:18 pm no entry.

Slc Confrence Center
15 Wets 39 Street 3 floor
NY, NY 10001

Please email us to RSVP. There is a $20 dollar attandance fee.


About Seances

Messages from the light group ensures an exciting experience in the paranormal and spiritual realm. Here you'll receive messages from the other side, which can come from family, friends, guides, and angels. We will have you going home excited.

Nyc Seance

Nyc Seances

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